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  • The Montclair Republican Committee is the official group of elected representatives from the voting districts of Montclair to the Essex County Republican Organization. In the primary election held June 5th, 2012, 40 representatives were elected. Since the election, the committee approved the appointment of 5 additional representatives at the organizational meeting held June 11th. This brings the committee to 45 strong. Each voting district can be represented by one male and one female representative. Additional county committee members can be appointed at any time with approval of the committee. Districts that are not currently represented include: Ward 1, District 1(male); Ward 1, District 2(female); Ward 1, District 3(male); Ward 1, District 5(female); Ward 2, District 3(male); Ward 2, District 7(female); Ward 2, District 10(male); Ward 3, District 3 (2); Ward 3, District 4 (male); Ward 3, District 5 (2); Ward 3, District 6 (2); Ward 3, District 8 (male); Ward 4, District 1 (2); Ward 4, District 3 (female); Ward 4, District 4 (2); Ward 4, District 5 (female); Ward 4, District 6 (2); Ward 4, District 7 (2); Ward 4, District 8 (female).

    Anyone interested in serving on the Montclair Republican County Committee representing any of these districts should contact Susan Straten:


    Monday, November 05, 2012

    Dear Montclair Republicans

    We had a great "get out the vote" party last night. Fifty people who believe in smarter smaller government got together and were able to talk politics without each getting hammered by ten liberals. It was fantastic.

    A couple of housekeeping items: (I will put this same info up on the webpage:

    We have about 6 Romney signs left. If you want one, lets us know. They cost us $5, but if you do not want to pay for them that's OK: take one as long as it gets put up right away.

    Stealing Signs
    The Democrats have been stealing Romney signs so be watchful. Not only do they want 80% of the vote in Montclair, they do not want us to exercise our right of free speech.

    Where to Vote
    Poll information: It is our understanding that most polls will be open, but if it is not, there will be a notice at your regular polling station telling you where to go. I plan on heading to town hall after sending this to see if I can gather any additional information.

    Rides to the Polls
    If you know anyone who needs a ride, give us a call and we will work on it.

    Make Calls
    If you can make calls, let us know and we can get email you names and phone numbers of Republicans to call.

    Election Night Party
    On election night, the Essex county republicans will have a "watch the election" event at the new Verona Inn on Bloomfield Ave. It is my understanding that it will open when the polls close.

    Vote for Straten in the 10th
    I am, as well as many of you who live in the 10th district (Donald Payne Jr), very disappointed. The Republican who is running against Payne, Brian Keleman, has not campaigned, nor has he responded to attempts to contact him. As a protest, I intend to write my own name for the 10th district congressional spot. It would be great to get 10 or 15 votes as a protest. Obviously, vote for Rodney Frelinghuysen or your local candidate in districts where the Republican has actively campaigned.

    Committee People and Poll Watchers
    If you are a committee person or poll watcher and have not yet picked up your credentials, they are available. Please call or email us so that you can pick them up.

    Many of you are first time committee people. Your credentials give you the right to be at the polls all day including after the polls close to look at the results. In the past, Democrats have tried to tell our people that they cannot look at the results. This is untrue. Insist on your rights. You also have the right to challenge any voter who you do not think lives in your district or is otherwise ineligible to vote. If you want to challenge, tell the poll worker. That person will vote using a provisional ballot. If they are legal, the vote will stand, if not, it will be discarded. In Montclair this is usually not a problem, but you do have that right. You also have the right to look at the procedures. If you feel anything is out of the ordinary, call Suzy and she will contact our lawyer to assist you.

    There is no politicking allowed within 50 of the polls. You should not be wearing any political item except for your credential ribbon, nor should you be talking to people about who they are voting for within 50 feet. Technically, any communications should be through the poll workers, but no one objects if you greet voters as they come in especially those you know.

    One of the main, but unofficial, reason for having poll watchers is so that you can see who comes out to vote. You can check off people who have voted and around 5 pm call Republicans who have not voted yet to remind them to vote. This is one of the most effective ways of winning elections.

    Suzy and I plan on visiting most of the poll sites tomorrow. Call of us when you are there and we will stop by and say hello. Suzy's cell is 973.981.9003 -- mine is 973.981.0519.

    Have a great day tomorrow!


    Friday November 2, 2012

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Hope you are all coping with the storm. It has been pretty devastating, but fortunately except for no power and no gasoline, Montclair seems to have come out OK

    But this is a political message. We will let the other websites and emails provide storm information.

    We want all Montclair Republicans to know that we are still going all out to elect our candidates. The get out the vote party is still on. We have power so bring your chargers to charge up your phones. Everyone is invited, bring your friends, bring your kids even bring a Democrat; let's have a real showing of support.


    Sunday, Nov 4th 4-6:30 PM
    At the home of Roland and Susan Straten
    6 Erwin Park

    Please Bring an Hors D'oeurve
    Kindly RSVP

    The motorcade tomorrow is cancelled. We do not want to waste any gas.

    We have heard a number of comments about Christie and his new best friend. Actually I think what Christie did was very good. First, New Jersey will be first on line to get federal help. That is important. And second, Christie again demonstrated by action, his no nonsense approach to government. He standing will improve and people will be more apt to take his recommendation and vote for Republicans.

    Contrast that with Mayor 16 oz Bloomberg who is now supporting Obama because he likes his "climate change" policy. Climate change did not cause the destruction; the lack of maintenance and lack of preparation was a major reason that the storm was so devasting. If you indeed believe the sea levels are rising and storms are getting worse, wouldn't you think sea walls, levees, and protecting the underground tunnels would make sense? No, his response to the storm is to support Obama.

    Let's make New Jersey truly progressive and vote for Romney!!

    pro·gres·sive ( pr...-grµs"ąv) adj. 1. Moving forward; advancing. 2. Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments: progressive change. 3. Promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions or new policies, ideas, or methods: a progressive politician; progressive business leadership.

    A "GET OUT THE VOTE PARTY" Sunday NOV 4th (See details on invitation)
    Getout the Vote Invite



    October 18, 2012

    Dear Montclair Republican:

    Election day is three weeks away! This election will determine the future direction of the United States. At stake is whether we will have big government with high taxes and massive regulation moving toward socialism. Or will we have a smaller smarter government that encourages freedom and small business with rules and regulations that promote a vibrant active economy. You know where we stand and I hope you are with us, the Montclair Republicans.

    The Montclair Republican County Committee and Montclair Republican Club are alive and thriving. We elected 45 county committee people last June and the Club is getting 20-50 attendees at their bi-monthly meetings. Because of the high cost of postage, we have resorted to communicating the announcements of our activities via email, our website, and the online news site, Montclair Patch (in addition to the Montclair Times). We apologize for not sending out announcements via US Mail.

    We are taking this opportunity to let you know what we are planning in the next three weeks and to ask if you are interested in receiving communications from the Montclair Republican Organizations in the future. At the same time, if you no longer live in Montclair or do not wish to receive communications from the Montclair Republican leadership, please let us know so that we have an accurate list of active Montclair Republicans. If you have an email address please let us know by following the links in our website, or by return email. You may also contact me by phone at 973-744-1045.

    We have several events planned including the old time Montclair favorite “GET OUT THE VOTE” PARTY traditionally held the Sunday before election day Nov 4th 4-6:30pm at 6 Erwin Park (see the attached flyer) Getout the Vote Invite as well as the other longtime traditional MOTORCADE Saturday, Nov 3rd. Cars will assemble at 10:45am on Clinton Ave by Myrtle. Contact Gene Bryne 973-746-3283 if you are interested in participating.

    We are also having a joint gathering with the Bloomfield Republicans this Monday night, October 22nd at the Town Pub, 378 Broad Street in Bloomfield to watch the FINAL DEBATE. We will convene at 7:30 for libations and socialization prior to the debate beginning at 9 PM. Please let me know if you would like to attend by calling 973-744-1045 or emailing

    Finally, on ELECTION NIGHT, the eastern Essex County Republicans will convene at the newly renovated Verona Inn to watch the returns come in! Anyone and everyone are welcome.

    Do you want to do something to help Romney/Ryan and the other Republicans get elected? You can:

    1. Put out a lawn sign. Give me a call. I have them on my back porch Romney/Ryan $5, Kyrillos and Frelinghuysen signs free
    2. Make some calls to encourage people to vote- I can give you a list of people to call. Romney/Ryan will win if the Republican turnout is high!

    Please, be in touch with us as to how best to contact you about future activities.

    Finally, please call if you need a ride to the Polls on Nov 6th.

    Susan Straten, Montclair Town Chair



    I am submitting names as challengers for the Nov 6th election. Both parties are allowed a challenger to be present at the polling place throughout the election day. What is the function of a challenger? They can question the ligitamacy of a voter. But mostly the function is to mark off who as voted so that at 4-5 pm, calls can be made to the republicans in your district who have not voted.

    If you are interested in manning your polling place and would like to submit the names of other people who would sit during the day, please send me the names, so I can forward them to the county committee. I will submit names on Wed, Oct 17th.

    I will get you voter lists so if you would like to call the voters in their district to remind them to vote and to vote for Romney.

    Also, let me know if you would like a Romney lawn sign at $5. I am getting some more.

    We will have a "Get out the Vote" party on Sunday Nov 4th at our house at 4 pm. We are also planning a party for watching the last debate Mon, Oct 22nd. We had planned to have it at the Station Café but they are apparently closing this tuesday so we are working on getting another location. More will be forthcoming on both events.


    There are openings available on the Town Committee!! -- Susan Straten, Town Chair

    Susan and Roland just got back from the Republican convention in Tampa. Read the day by day account on the Montclair Patch. The Montclair Times only covered the Democrat convention.

    As many of you know, Susan will be a Romney delegate at the Republican convention in Tampa. Wish her luck!!!

    Susan Straten, TownChair